Ways to save on packaging costs

Packaging costs are one of the fixed costs that online businesses need to spend. To save on this cost, businesses can apply the following ways:

1. Use packaging suitable for the goods

Choosing the right packaging for your goods is one of the most important ways to save on packaging costs. Packaging that is too large will cause the goods to be loose and susceptible to impact during transportation. Packaging that is too small will cause the goods to not be well protected and easily be damaged.

Businesses should use packaging that is sized to fit the goods, ensuring the goods are firmly fixed. In addition, businesses should also choose packaging with materials suitable to the characteristics of the goods. For example, with fragile goods, businesses should use packaging with inner padding to protect the goods from impact.

2. Use reused materials

Using reusable materials is an effective way to save on packaging costs. Businesses can reuse used cartons, wrapping paper, tape, etc. However, businesses need to ensure that these materials are still usable, not torn, punctured, etc.

3. Pack the goods yourself

If the business is small, the business can package the goods itself. Self-packaging will help businesses save on the cost of hiring packaging workers.

4. Sign a long-term transportation contract

Signing long-term shipping contracts with shipping units will help businesses enjoy preferential prices.

5. Choose a suitable shipping unit

Businesses should choose a shipping unit with reasonable and reputable shipping fees.

Here are some specific tips for cost-effective packaging:

Use cartons of a size that fits the goods, ensuring the goods are firmly fixed.
Use shockproof paper to wrap fragile and important goods.
Roll rollable goods securely.
Do not pack too many goods into one box.
Apply the tape firmly, ensuring it does not come off.

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