Bread Wrapping Paper

Bread wrapping paper is a type of paper used to hold kebab bread, turkey bread, triangular bread, etc. This paper is usually made from kraft paper, wax-coated paper, or PE-coated kraft paper. Kraft paper is the most popular type of paper, has high durability and good absorbency.

Waxed paper has good water and grease resistance, suitable for breads with a lot of sauce or water. PE coated kraft paper is a type of paper with high durability and good water and grease resistance.

Bread wrapping paper usually has dimensions of 13cmx13cm, 18x18cm, or 15x15cm. Paper can be printed with images or logos of the bakery to increase brand recognition.

Bread wrapping paper has a number of advantages such as:

  • Easy to use
  • Protects bread from dirt and bacteria
  • Increase the aesthetics of bread

Bread wrapping paper is widely used in bakeries, eateries, restaurants, etc.

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