Pepero Day – Special Korean Holiday

Pepero Day is a special Korean holiday, celebrated on November 11 every year. This holiday was inspired by the pepero, a long cookie covered in chocolate. Traditionally, couples exchange Pepero bars to express their love and commitment. Pepero day is also an opportunity for people to express their affection to friends, relatives and those they love.

Meaning of pepero day

The number 1 in Korean is “han”, which is also the pronunciation of “one”. November 11 has 4 numbers 1, symbolizing love, commitment and romance. Therefore, Pepero Day is considered a symbolic holiday for love between couples.

Types of Pepero Day gift packaging

To make a Pepero gift more meaningful, you can choose suitable gift packaging. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Heart-shaped packaging: This is the most popular type of packaging on Pepero Day. Heart-shaped packaging represents love and romance.
  • Rectangular packaging: This type of packaging is suitable for storing Pepero in large quantities. Rectangular packaging comes in many different sizes, suitable for each person’s needs.
  • Animal-shaped packaging: This is a unique and adorable type of packaging. Animal-shaped packaging will make your Pepero gift more impressive.
  • Handmade packaging: You can make your own Pepero gift packaging to show your sophistication and enthusiasm.

Choose pepero day gift packaging

When choosing Pepero Day gift packaging, you need to keep in mind a few things:

  • Choose packaging suitable for the gift recipient: If you want to give it to your lover, you can choose heart-shaped packaging with floral or heart motifs. If you want to give it to friends or relatives, you can choose rectangular packaging with pepero cake or animal motifs.
  • Choose the right packaging for the number of peperos: If you want to give a lot of peperos, you should choose rectangular packaging. If you want to give some pepero, you can choose heart-shaped or animal-shaped packaging.
  • Choose packaging that matches the gift recipient’s preferences: If you know the gift recipient’s preferences, you can choose packaging with patterns that match their preferences.

Hopefully the above information will help you have more ideas to choose the appropriate Pepero Day gift packaging.

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