November 11 – Special Youth Day

November 11 every year is a special holiday for young people in many countries around the world. In Korea, this is Pepero Day, and in China it is Singles Day. These two holidays have different meanings and ways of celebrating, but both give young people the opportunity to express their feelings and enjoy life.

Singles’ Day
Singles’ Day originated in China in 1993. At that time, some Chinese college students held a bachelor party on November 11 to take pride in their singleness.  This event quickly spread and became popular across the country.
Singles’ Day is not just a shopping holiday but also a holiday that celebrates the value of singleness.  This holiday encourages people to be confident and appreciate themselves, regardless of whether they are single or not.
Some suggestions for celebrating Singles’ Day:
  •  Reward yourself with a gift: This is a great way to show love and appreciate yourself.  The gift can be anything you love from clothes, shoes, cosmetics,…
  •  Participate in activities for singles: There are many activities for singles held on this holiday, such as parties, seminars, competitions, etc.
  •  Enjoy life to the fullest: Singles’ Day is an opportunity for you to freely enjoy life and pursue your passions.  You can travel, go out to eat, go to the movies, or simply spend time for yourself.
Giving gifts to relatives, friends, and loved ones on holidays is a way to show care and love.  The gift can be anything from tangible objects to experiences.  Some gift giving suggestions:
  •  Clothes and shoes: These are the most popular gifts during holidays, you can choose new items to change your style or shop for special occasions.
  •  Cosmetics: Cosmetics are great gifts for girls who love beauty.  You can choose products that suit the needs and preferences of the recipient.
  •  Electronics: You can choose some electronic items such as phones, laptops, tablets, etc.
  •  Books, music, movies: You can choose items such as books, popular music records or movies,…
  •  Cakes: cakes and pastries are also widely chosen as gifts on holidays. You can refer to some cake samples and cake wrapping paper here
Pepero Day
 Pepero Day is a holiday dedicated to Pepero sticks.  This holiday originated in Korea in 1996, when high school girls began exchanging Pepero cakes as a symbol of friendship and love.
 Pepero Day is a popular holiday in Korea and many other countries around the world.  On this day, people often give each other Pepero cakes to express their affection for friends, relatives and lovers.
Some suggestions to celebrate Pepero Day:
  •  Give Pepero cakes to friends and relatives: This is the simplest way to celebrate this holiday.  You can make Pepero cakes yourself or buy them from stores.
  •  Participate in Pepero Day activities such as Pepero cake eating contests, concerts, etc.
  •  Enjoy delicious pepero cakes: Pepero is a very delicious chocolate-covered cake stick.  You can enjoy pepero cakes alone or with friends and relatives

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