What is Packaging? Types of Packaging? Functions, Effects of Packaging


Packaging is a form of product with the function of wrapping and containing the product and necessary items. Users use packaging to protect the use value for different types of products. Using different types of packaging makes products easier to store, move and display.

Product packaging is designed to be eye-catching and attractive, which will attract consumers.

Some concepts related to packaging that you should know

What is plastic packaging?

It is a kind of plastic packaging that is very thin, light and flexible. This type of packaging is used a lot because it is both compact and effectively limits water absorption. Plastic packaging is often referred to as a plastic bag or a bubble bag. This type of packaging has a multitude of different sizes, meeting the diverse needs of the customer market. This product is also recyclable.

Normally, users will use 2 main types of plastic bags as follows:

  • Foam bag is light weight and thin
  • High-grade plastic bags are thicker, often used by large stores, shops or shopping malls.

What is product packaging?

Similar to packaging, product packaging not only helps protect the product inside to avoid agents such as dust, chemicals, and collisions during transportation but also has commercial significance. That is, product packaging increases the value of goods. Product packaging is consistent with the company’s brand, revealing attractive points for consumers to pay attention to.

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What is OPP packaging?

OPP packaging is a type of film made from PP plastic beads, which can stretch naturally. With high transparency, made from two straight layers of polypropylene film, it helps to pull a thin nylon film with good tensile force and effective bearing capacity.

What is PE packaging?

PE packaging is made from a single material. A popular type of packaging on the market, for example: foam bags, T-shirt bags, HD bags, Roll bags, etc.

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Packaging Function

Product protection

As mentioned above, packaging can be understood as covering and protecting the product inside. Therefore, when people need to use packaging, it means they want to protect goods and products, avoid damage, avoid breakage, and minimize the impact of external factors. This is the most important function of packaging.

Easy transportation
In addition to products that use packaging for brand advertising and product preservation purposes. There are very specific products such as: coffee, salt, pepper, sugar, etc. that need to use new packaging to be transported simply and effectively before reaching the consumer. .

Marketing function
Packaging not only conveys information such as ingredients, production date, expiration date, and brand name, but it is also an effective marketing strategy weapon. A beautiful and attractive packaging is always an important factor that brands are extremely concerned about. A strong and consistent brand is shown on the packaging, creating a very effective impression in the hearts of customers. Promote buying behavior, increase sales.

Minimize loss and theft
When products are carefully packed into cartons, packages, etc., it is easier to count for distributors. In addition, we no longer worry about loss and limit situations of theft.

What is the effect of packaging?

  • Packaging is the most effective measure to help protect goods safely in both quantity and quality.
  • Thanks to packaging, the labor productivity of businesses increases and the transportation of goods also becomes easier.
  • Packaging is one of the factors that contribute to ensuring human health, including those who come into contact with, handle, unload, and deliver products.
  • Packaging is a form of direct marketing that has been applied for many generations, called direct marketing, helping businesses’ products get closer to customers. Not only that, packaging helps build the brand’s position domestically and abroad.

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